Easing the Squeeze: Wyatt’s Rental Subsidy Partnerships

Since 2006 Wyatt has established partnerships with housing outreach support organisations to provide financial assistance with rental costs. Since its inception this program has supported 110 households.

Funding is held by Partners and used to support eligible families to maintain their tenancy.  Funds are directed towards rental arrears, and rental subsidies during times of crisis or whilst more affordable accommodation is sought.

Organisations are asked to report back on the effectiveness of the program through measuring the length of tenancies, whether housing was maintained, and for those in unaffordable tenancies, whether more affordable accommodation was secured.

The money was much appreciated and helped to ease the stress. My wife is in and out of hospital and the cost of medications meant that we got behind [in rent]. We both feel a lot better knowing that the rent is up to date. What little we have now can go on other bills and overdue accounts. Thanks for much for your help, it will be remembered (Rental Subsidy Recipient)