Walking the Walk with Operation Flinders

Since 2009, Wyatt has joined with Operation Flinders through its ‘Boot Up’ partnership.

The Operation Flinders Foundation Wilderness Adventure Program offers ‘at-risk’ young people the opportunity to face demanding outdoor challenges individually and as a group.

With the support of staff, volunteers and other participants, the Operation Flinders experience offers young people a chance to develop their self-esteem, teamwork, discipline, leadership and trust in a remote outdoor environment.

Through independent evaluation, the program has been assessed against Wilderness Adventure Program best practice criteria. Operation Flinders was found to be ‘world’s best practice’ for this form of intervention. Positive pro-social change in participants was also revealed.

Whilst costs to families are minimal, the need for good quality boots poses a significant challenge to low income families seeking to take up the opportunity. Wyatt’s ‘Boot Up’ Partnership with Operation Flinders offers schools reimbursement for boots purchased for participants, removing the pressure entirely from young people and their families.

A relatively unusual arrangement, where funds are given to a third party (schools) rather than the partner, this innovative yet simple partnership has assisted 368 young South Australians participate more comfortably in the program since 2009.