Many philanthropic organisations are specifically precluded from funding individuals. With an exclusive focus on supporting individuals, The Wyatt Trust has a particularly unique position in the philanthropic sector.

In February 1837 Dr William Wyatt and his wife, Julia, left their home in Plymouth, UK, to begin a new life in South Australia. The couple soon established themselves in Adelaide, and Dr Wyatt held a variety of public positions throughout the education, health, justice and environmental sectors.

Dr Wyatt conceived the idea of forming a trust, and wrote his Will in 1881, naming the first Governors of the Institution. Having witnessed some of the early South Australian settlers struggle through adversity and poverty, Dr Wyatt had made the decision to leave his estate for the benefit of South Australians in ‘poor or reduced circumstances’. Dr Wyatt died in June 1886 and the first meeting of the Governors of The Wyatt Trust was held soon after, commencing a practice of making regular grants to provide income support for individuals facing financial hardship.

In recent decades, as capacity to provide financial support has increased, The Wyatt Trust has also developed strategic partnerships with the aim to achieve the following for eligible South Australians:

For more information on William Wyatt visit the Australian Dictionary of Biography website.