Why education is a priority area

The Wyatt Trust has for a long time acknowledged the role of education in overcoming disadvantage and has sought to support and offer educational opportunities to eligible individuals and households.

The decision to focus on retention and re-engagement is supported by knowledge that demonstrates the impact of education on longer-term outcomes such as income level and employment status.

What we do

Our Education Portfolio seeks to improve longer-term outcomes for young South Australians through supporting programs, which encourage retention and re-engagement in education to Year 12 or its vocational equivalent.

Whilst acknowledging that retention efforts should be promoted through the entire course of compulsory education, our partnerships are primarily focused on retention and re-engagement in the secondary years.

The Wyatt Trust Education Partnerships provide funding to:

  • Promote positive familial engagement with education through early childhood programs
  • Enable young people to manage education alongside other life roles (parenting, caring, living independently)
  • Provide direct material assistance with general expenses related to schooling (uniforms, excursions, transport)
  • Provide funding for specialist study expenses.