Why employment is a priority area

The Wyatt Trust recognises the crucial role that employment can play in successfully providing opportunities for individuals and families to participate more actively in the community. As well as a secure income, sustainable employment can provide the skills and confidence required to address life’s challenges and succeed in achieving individual career goals.

What we do

There are various barriers faced by individuals that hinder their entry into sustainable employment. In recognition of this, The Wyatt Trust actively supports non-profit organisations through partnership arrangements to identify these barriers for individuals and implement innovative solutions.

Through its partnerships with service providers, The Wyatt Trust currently supports eligible jobseekers to enter into sustainable employment. These initiatives aim to:

  • Support transitional pathways into sustainable employment through specific skills training and work experience
  • Support the creation of sustainable employment opportunities through innovative community and industry partnerships such as social enterprise
  • Provide direct financial assistance to support the material needs associated with seeking, gaining and maintaining employment.

In addition to these employment initiatives, The Wyatt Trust provides a limited number of University scholarships for Indigenous students to support them to undertake studies at the tertiary level. For further information contact us.