Why financial wellbeing is a priority area

Many low-income South Australians experience a significant level of financial stress on a regular basis.

Those on low incomes are exceptionally vulnerable to unexpected costs or the impact of life events such as the breakdown of a relationship, illness or job loss. Even one unusually high utility bill or the purchase of a major appliance can have significant ramifications for a household budget, particularly when accessing affordable and appropriate financial services is not an option.

What we do

The Wyatt Trust’s Financial Wellbeing Portfolio seeks to assist financially vulnerable South Australians to manage their household budgets.

Partnerships in this area focus on increasing the ability for Wyatt-eligible individuals and families to meet their financial obligations and regain control of their budget should an unexpected cost or life event impact on their finances.

Through this portfolio, The Wyatt Trust provides funding to:

  • Increase access to free and confidential financial counselling in South Australia through partnerships with non-profit organisations
  • Support eligible people to access appropriate microcredit options and no interest loans through the provision of subsidies for eligible No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS®) clients
  • Provide direct, targeted small grants for essential domestic goods and services through our Small Grants Program.