Why housing is a priority area?

Throughout its history, The Wyatt Trust has come to understand that affordable housing is fundamental for every aspect of daily life and recognises that the cost of homelessness is significant, both personally and financially. Secure and affordable housing can lead to improved social, health, financial wellbeing, employment and education outcomes.

What we do

The Wyatt Trust’s Housing Portfolio seeks to increase housing support and housing options for people experiencing financial hardship with the aim of reducing the incidence of homelessness.

In the Housing Portfolio, The Wyatt Trust works with a number of non-profit organisations that are providing longer-term support to individuals and families to address personal and financial issues that may lead to or have previously contributed to homelessness or housing stress.

The Wyatt Trust Housing Partnerships provide funding to:

  • Selected housing support agencies to provide essential household goods for individuals and families who are establishing a home after experiencing homelessness
  • Non-profit organisations that work intensively with individuals and families to maintain or relocate to affordable and appropriate accommodation through payment of rent subsidies and removal costs
  • HomeStart to provide alternative finance options for individuals and families on very low incomes who would like to purchase a home.