The Wyatt Trust’s partnerships have been developed to extend the reach and increase the impact of our funding support. Targeted partnerships have the capacity to significantly add value to the services received by financially vulnerable South Australians.

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Target significant disadvantage
  • Have the capacity to demonstrate long-term impact
  • Focus support to achieve measurable outcomes
  • Demonstrate innovation.

Projects must be located in South Australia and target people who meet The Wyatt Trust’s eligibility criteria.

  • A minimum of five years residency in South Australia
  • On a Centrelink payment or equivalent low income
  • Not in jail or on home detention.

Note: The Wyatt Trust’s funding is used for the benefit of eligible individuals, not for seed funding, salaries, recurrent administrative or other costs or services of organisations.

The Wyatt Trust is able to partner with service agencies and other project funding sources to support selected projects.

Partnership organisations must be incorporated bodies and ‘non-profit’.