Opportunity · Dignity · Hope

Wyatt has been on a continuous journey of learning, exploring how we can be more effective in the development and delivery of our grants, and how we can deepen our impact across South Australia.

The Challenge

There are many South Australians living in poverty, reliant on supports and dealing with complex needs.

Resources are often inadequate to meet needs and are insufficient to help strengthen personal capacity.

If we:

Create Opportunities

for individual action...
Providing resources to respond to immediate needs of individuals and households
Supporting the development of individual skills and capabilities
Effectively advocating for individuals and making useful, relevant referrals and connections
This will result in:
Alleviation of stress and a greater sense of control over the future for individuals and households
Strengthened individual capacities
People connecting with resources that meet their needs

Leading to:

Greater capacity for people to exercise choice and to take action
mountain 3
Aspiration and increased individual resilience
More effective alleviation of entrenched crises
And if we

Create Environments

for stronger communities and systems
Developing partnerships and grants programs that value autonomy and self-determination
Advocating to remove barriers to inclusion
Focusing on measurable change for individuals and communities
Growing the range of resources and aligning investments with purpose
This will result in
Potential pathways towards sustainable change
Access to relational, responsive and resourced services that work for people
Evidence to inform program development and practice
Greater impact through the availability of additional resources

Leading to:

More effective support systems to enable connection and autonomy
Individuals experiencing a sense of community through inclusion and belonging
More South Australians having the opportunity to transition out of a cycle of hardship and poverty

Contributing to our aspiration

All South Australians will have opportunities to participate in the community and to live with dignity and hope

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