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Are you enquiring for yourself, family or friends?

Wyatt only accepts grant enquiries through a professional referral. The referrer will be the primary point of contact throughout the enquiry and assessment process. Wyatt does not communicate directly with applicants.

The first step will be to connect in with a worker who can make a referral to Wyatt on your behalf.

A case worker, social worker, financial counsellor or someone in a similar role to these can put in a referral on your behalf. In some circumstances, workers in the employment, education or health sectors may also make referrals.

If you are not currently connected in with a worker, the Affordable SA website or mobile app can direct you to services local to you.

Below is a short checklist to consider if you might be eligible for a Wyatt grant and how to prepare for an appointment to discuss a possible referral. Even if you do not fit within Wyatt eligibility a worker may be able to explore other options for assistance.

  • Are you a current resident of South Australia?
  • Have you lived in South Australia for a total of five years over your lifetime?
  • Have you received prior assistance from Wyatt in the past three years? This will be checked at the first point of enquiry
  • Does the service or item sit within the scope of a Wyatt grant? Further information about grant types can be found on Wyatt’s website
  • Any individuals currently serving a custodial sentence (jail or on home detention) are not eligible to apply.

When attending an appointment to discuss a referral, you can prepare by:

  • Thinking about who would be best to make a referral on your behalf. A Wyatt application requires follow up so is not suited to a one-off appointment
  • Getting copies of your income statements. Applicants need to provide income statements from all adults living in your household. This could include Centrelink Income Statements or wage slips. This information needs to be less than two months old
  • Wyatt’s grants are for households on low incomes, so this information is needed to assess the application
  • Check your Centrelink Income Statement. If on your Centrelink Income Statement there are any major assets (not including the home you live in) or savings above $2,000, please discuss this with your referrer as it may impact on your eligibility. If there is any information that is no longer current, please also discuss this with your referrer
  • Be available to answer questions or provide more information if needed. Wyatt may ask the referrer for more information in order to assess an application.
  • Advice is given to referrers at the start of an application about maximum Wyatt grant limits. If the item or service costs more than this, Wyatt will need to know how this extra amount would be paid if the grant is successful. Wyatt will only approve a grant if there is a realistic and affordable plan to cover the full amount of the cost of the item or service
  • If you are seeking quotes, please check that the supplier can accept payment by EFT or BPAY. Unfortunately, some of the larger chains like Harris Scarfe, Kmart and IKEA do not allow these payments. You can talk to your referrer about places to try.

The first step will be to connect in with a worker who can make a referral to Wyatt on your behalf.

Once a worker from a referring organisation has submitted the complete Wyatt application, it can take up to fourteen days to get an outcome. For any updates on the progress of your submitted application, please ask your worker to give Wyatt a call.