Dr Wyatt conceived the idea of forming a trust, and wrote his Will in 1881, naming the first Governors of the Institution. Having witnessed some of the early South Australian settlers struggle through adversity and…

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The Wyatt Trust offers opportunities for South Australians experiencing poverty so they can lead satisfying, productive lives and participate more actively in the community.

Established in 1886 through the Will of Dr William Wyatt, The Wyatt Trust is a leading philanthropic foundation providing funding opportunities to South Australians experiencing financial hardship.

As a philanthropic foundation with Public Benevolent Institution status, The Wyatt Trust supports low-income South Australian individuals and families in four priority areas: Employment Opportunities, Education Retention and Re-engagement, Financial Wellbeing and Housing Options. The Wyatt Trust works closely with a network of diverse partner agencies to deliver an informed, responsive and innovative grants program.