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Wyatt’s Direct Grants Program acknowledges the difficulty of managing financial obligations on a fixed, low income. Through the Direct Grants Program Wyatt provides carefully targeted one-off grants to eligible South Australians. Applications can only be accepted from professionals working in a recognised organisation, on behalf of eligible clients experiencing hardship. Wyatt cannot accept applications from individuals on their own behalf, and applicants are requested not to contact Wyatt directly.

Enquiries and applications are submitted online through Wyatt’s OnLine Grants Application (OLGA) portal.

Please contact Wyatt on 8224 0074 if you are using the OLGA portal for the first time or if you have any questions regarding the process.


"The help we received with our rent and water bills means we won’t be evicted… it also means that I could accept my offer to go to uni." Direct Grant Recipient, 2018